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October 07, 2008

"Bottomless Dish" is Now "The Feedbag"

Posted at 03:19:13 PM in Gossip, Weblogs
by Justine Goodman


It's been a great run, but as of today, October 7, 2008, Bottomless Dish is officially retired. Don't worry, though--we've got something bright and shiny to offer in its place. Introducing The Feedbag, our new and improved daily food blog, run by our fancy (and also new) restaurant editor, Josh Ozersky (formerly of Grub Street). We're really excited about all the great content we've already lined up, and as an added bonus, having Josh around significantly ups our street cred. So before you leave work today, be sure to bookmark The Feedbag, New York City's latest destination for dining news, gossip and lots more.

October 03, 2008

The Great Debate: To Hea, or Not to Hea?

Posted at 01:49:52 PM in Bar buzz, Bar events, East Village restaurants, Food and Drink, Food events, New York restaurants, Restaurant openings
by Melanie Berliet


Last Night at Hea

What VP debate? While you were huddled on your couch, wondering what Sarah Palin might say next to embarrass herself and her party, I was doing what every patriotic American should have been doing: Drinking. Also eating--delicious things like spicy tuna rolls, coconut soup, fried rice, duck and pork belly at East Village newcomer Hea (pronounced "he"), which serves Asian fusion cuisine (and cocktails) in an aesthetically pleasing environment. With low booths and small tables, the lounge-like lower level was ideal for the cocktail hour that preceded last night's press dinner--during which time I guzzled enough lychee martinis to stumble up the steps on my way to the second floor for dinner. Okay, so I missed the debate. But instead, I got a free dinner, a moderate hangover and the respect of everyone smart enough to recognize that free booze is more important than being informed.

More new and notable restaurants here.

October 02, 2008

Shopping For Dummies

Posted at 11:16:26 AM in Fashion, Lower East Side Shops, Shopping, Soho Shops, West Village Shops
by Melanie Berliet

Roy Caires, owner of Alter, peruses the racks

It's hard to stay on top of trends in a city like New York, where a fashion must can become a fashion don't as quickly as a career on Wall Street can fall from grace. You miss the days when mom laid out your skirt and spandex onesie the night before school--when you didn't have to think too much about whether or not a fedora worked with your skinny jeans and vintage tee. Between boozing, eating and sleeping, you barely have time to shop, let alone lend precious time to planning your day-to-day get-up. So skip the needless worry, and trust our expert shop clerks to do the tough work for you this season--from selecting the perfect all-in-one tuxedo at Albertine, to sorting through the racks at Mayle for the best winter coat. Their picks for fall's must-haves are stylish and of-the-moment. And if you need help finding that perfect pair of jeans, we've got that covered too.

September 26, 2008

New Review Fridays: Catch-22

Posted at 03:59:11 PM in At the bar, Bar buzz, Bar openings, Just opened, New reviews
by Justine Goodman


In the space formerly occupied by Prey, a new 1940s-themed bar and lounge called Catch-22 is the latest venue aiming to attract the Flatiron crowd.

Hits: Hungry drinkers can sample goods from behind enemy lines--like spiced ricotta-stuffed squash blossoms (Italy)--or re-ally themselves with lobster and crab cakes from the good ol' U.S. of A.

Misses: Despite the be-vested barstaff, drink-appropriate glassware and swaths of seating, historical purists won't find themselves in a 1940's looking glass, nor, perhaps, will they be inclined to linger amid the hopped-up decor.

Check out our full editorial review of Catch-22, then peruse other new and notable bar reviews, nightlife news, recent closings and our list of spots that are too new to review (but not too new to get you bombed).

Next week, we'll take you inside the latest Chinatown cocktail spot that causing a stir, Apotheke.

Sasha Petraske Hangs at His Own Haunt

Posted at 01:48:12 PM in Bar buzz, Celebrity, Gossip, Just opened, Lower East Side nightlife
by Melanie Berliet

White_star_200_3 Spotted last night: A suspender-clad Sasha Petraske behind the bar at White Star, evoking the spirit of the speakeasy style for which he is famous. Kind enough to converse with me a bit, he mentioned that his minions at Milk and Honey are fully capable and trustworthy, so he can spend most of his time at his new spot. By midnight the place was packed, so I'm guessing his plight to push absinthe on New York is working pretty well so far. Either that, or I was hallucinating.

Photo of White Star borrowed from Yelp

September 24, 2008

Boiler Problems at West Branch?

Posted at 02:44:47 PM in Restaurant gossip
by Keith Wagstaff

Tomvalenti We heard through the grapevine that the boiler at Tom Valenti's new UWS project West Branch is busted, delaying the restaurant's opening and causing Valenti to let his staff go. The same boiler was to be used by the new Fatty Crab, meaning Zak Pelaccio's restaurant might be experiencing similar setbacks. Calls to Valenti's other restaurant, Ouest, and the On the Ave Hotel (where both restaurants are located) failed to get confirmation from Mr. Valenti himself, so don't set this bit of gossip in stone. Still, this is potentially devastating news for Upper West Siders looking forward to one of the neighborhood's hottest fall openings.

UPDATE (3:29pm): A commentor who identifies himself as Tom Valenti says:

"Hello, all....we're still here! The boiler is new, as is Fatty Crabs (two separate units)...inspection was what we were delayed by. Our secondary staffing was set on hold as we were awaiting the boiler inspection. Now that we've been given the green light,we're hoping to feed you all very soon."

September 23, 2008

The Results Are In: Best of Citysearch Restaurants

Posted at 02:32:04 PM in Best of Citysearch
by Keith Wagstaff


McCain? Obama? We prefer Kenny Shopsin. That's why we voted Shopsin's as the best comfort food spot in 2008. Don't worry voters, your voice was heard too: Veritas for Best Wine List, Blue Smoke for Best BBQ, Nice Green Bo for Best Chinese Food. Yes, we know, you have great taste. Check out all of our Best of Citysearch results, plus our picks for the top restaurants in New York.

September 22, 2008

Gossip Girl Shooting Right Now at 1 Oak

Posted at 02:12:23 PM in Celebrity, Television
by Justine Goodman



Our favorite show is currently shooting around the corner from the IAC Building at 1 Oak. They'll be there 'til 10pm, and although we saw only the empty chairs marked "Chuck," "Serena" and "Blair," above, others in our building say they walked by and saw the whole GG cast on 17th Street ...

Is Sam Talbot Coming to Chelsea?

Posted at 12:10:30 PM in Chelsea restaurants, Restaurant gossip, Restaurant openings
by Keith Wagstaff


Photo courtesy of Bravo

According to an industry source, the Top Chef heartthrob, who has been packing the beau monde in all summer at Surf Lodge, is looking to open up an eatery in Chelsea. The move couldn't make more sense: Talbot needs to leverage his cheesy sex appeal and quasi-celebrity while it lasts, and Montauk in the winter isn't the place to do that. Of course, on the other hand, it's not like we have the business plan in hand either. But don’t be surprised to hear that Chelsea is going to get some some beefcake delivered soon, either. Whether the result will be as lucrative as Surf Lodge, though—that's another story.

September 19, 2008

New Review Fridays: White Star

Posted at 03:53:13 PM in At the bar, Bar buzz, Just opened, New reviews
by Justine Goodman

Photo of White Star borrowed from Yelp

Another day, another drink ... This time, though, the drinks are made of absinthe, and they come courtesy of cocktail impresario Sasha Petraske's new Chinatown drinking den, White Star.

Hits: The refined, relaxing environment in which to relish old-school absinthe service and a sweet selection of herbaceous spirits.

Misses: After the novelty of the green fairy wears off, slow bartenders backlogged by time-consuming absinthe orders may become frustrating. Also, who knew so many bankers hung out below Delancey Street?

Check out our full editorial review of White Star, then peruse other new and notable bar reviews, nightlife news, recent closings and our list of spots that are too new to review (but not too new to get you bombed).

Next week, we'll take you inside Catch-22, the Flatiron District's latest attempt at coolness.

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