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February 01, 2008

Winging It for the Big Game

Posted at 10:24:54 AM in West Village restaurants
by Kathleen Squires


Every Super Bowl Sunday, buffalo chickens across the country sacrifice their wings. And since Sunday also happens to be the High Holy Holiday of Advertising, I would like to take this minute to endorse the ones at Bayard's Ale House. I had given up on eating wings after too many soggy, sloppy experiences. But these flappers won me back for their tang, meatiness and exceedingly crisp skin. The secret is that the kitchen uses only fresh, never frozen bird. And while it's true that those poor buffalo chickens will remain limbless, if the Giants pull a miracle victory, several angels will have earned a pair of their own.

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Very Clever!! Go Giants.

Im reminded of the old Far Side, the boneless chicken ranch.


There are wings , and then there are Bayards wings. So good I was even tempted into a munch on the devils vegetable , celery.

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