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September 08, 2008

Nina Freudenberger Can Cure Your Claustrophobia

Posted at 12:14:40 PM in Art, Fashion
by Melanie Berliet

Nina Freudenberger, Haus Interior

Your last concerted effort in decorating involved an "Animal House" poster, some putty-like adhesive and a strand of Christmas tree lights. But now that you're living the post-collegiate urban dream, you feel betrayed by your old dorm room decor and your new gerbil cage of an apartment, which do nothing to reflect your potential greatness. The solution--at least the temporary fix before you make it big and move into that penthouse--is to maximize the little space you have with chic, space-saving stuff. Our expert decorator, Nina Freudenberger, can help. As president of Haus Interior, the young interior designer is committed to bringing smart, stylish designs to New Yorkers, no matter the size of their apartment. Read her recommendations on to how to capitalize on the limited spaces of New York nooks.


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