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September 19, 2008

New York City Parking Day. Yes, Really.

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by Melanie Berliet

Parking space on Thompson Street taken over by DEGW consultancy

My walk to work this morning was unmemorable, save for the fact that people who did not actually appear to be homeless were squatting in the parking space outside my apartment building. My first thought was that it would be really nice to join them, rather than spend the day indoors, staring at a computer screen until my eyes start to bleed. My second thought was that my interest in the spectacle marked me as a sucker for some gimmicky advertising campaign. My third thought was ... scratch that, it was way too early for a third thought. Luckily, the nice man with the laptop (above) saw me looking on in bewilderment and spoke up: "It's New York City Parking Day," he exclaimed. Apparently, 50 spaces throughout the five boroughs have been taken over today by individuals and groups aiming to showcase how wonderful our streets could be if they were filled with inventive decor and outdoor lounge space instead of environmentally unfriendly, unsightly automobiles. Parking Day is in fact an international initiative in which 50 cities participate worldwide. So, enjoy the citywide displays--if not because you're an eco-head bent on making a difference, then because it's a distraction from the fact that our economy is in staggering decline, your company is downsizing and you are totally replaceable. 

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September 10, 2008

Fashion Week Frenzy: Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti Presentation

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by Melanie Berliet



Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2009

Last week, following two painful hours watching the new "90210," I vowed only to sacrifice brain cells on Tuesday evenings for worthwhile ends. Hence my decision to attend the Spring/ Summer 2009 Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti presentation last night at Eyebeam. What, you might ask, constitutes a fashion "presentation" versus a "show"? From what I could tell, the difference is that guests were ushered into an area with standing room only, as opposed to being seated in rows. The setup was beneficial insofar as it allowed me to poach glass after glass of white margaritas, and tasty hors d'oeuvres from the wait staff, but it made it difficult to see the full-length silhouettes of the models. But being appropriately buzzed by the time the nubile nymphettes began their parade, I didn't really care. Between sips, what I did see were a lot of flowy garments in a pretty palatte of purple, olive green and muted earth tones. I was also able to identify a few of the other attendees, including Alberta and Massimo Ferretti, Teen Vogue's Amy Astley, and Zelda Williams, aspiring actress and daughter of Robin. For more fashion related news, check out our shopping guide.

September 08, 2008

Nina Freudenberger Can Cure Your Claustrophobia

Posted at 12:14:40 PM in Art, Fashion
by Melanie Berliet

Nina Freudenberger, Haus Interior

Your last concerted effort in decorating involved an "Animal House" poster, some putty-like adhesive and a strand of Christmas tree lights. But now that you're living the post-collegiate urban dream, you feel betrayed by your old dorm room decor and your new gerbil cage of an apartment, which do nothing to reflect your potential greatness. The solution--at least the temporary fix before you make it big and move into that penthouse--is to maximize the little space you have with chic, space-saving stuff. Our expert decorator, Nina Freudenberger, can help. As president of Haus Interior, the young interior designer is committed to bringing smart, stylish designs to New Yorkers, no matter the size of their apartment. Read her recommendations on to how to capitalize on the limited spaces of New York nooks.

June 25, 2008

Art and Waterfalls at Rabbit Hole Studio This Week

Posted at 10:05:35 AM in Art, Brooklyn nightlife, Events
by Melanie Berliet

Above: A painting by Shawn Gilheeney entitled "To Undergo Damage"

Brothers John J. and Whitney McGurk have assembled an exhibition featuring various emerging artists--entitled Use It Up--at Rabbit Hole Studio in DUMBO (at 33 Washington Street, between Water and Plymouth Streets). The show is on view through June 30th (Wed-Fri from 6pm-8pm or by appointment) and its tail end coincides perfectly with the debut of The New York City Waterfalls, a summer-long public art project by the internationally acclaimed Danish artist, Olafur Eliasson. Starting Thursday you can swing by Rabbit Hole for an optimal view of one of the four citywide waterfall installations that will tumble off the Brooklyn Bridge. Then check out the gallery, where you’ll find pieces by artists whose work, though varied in style and medium, all reflects the language of Providence, Rhode Island, where each of them are from.

For more information, visit Elwa Productions.

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