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Oct 10, 2006

Secret Spot to Dine and Shop

Posted at 06:03:12 PM in Fashion, Food and Drink, Midtown shopping
by Bottomless Dish

Looking good is hard work. So where should one go to replenish energy when giving that credit card a workout? While I've been known to scarf down a pretzel at the Kmart Cafe--if only for the pretty view of Astor Square--sometimes I want something a little tastier. A nice option for a quick Fifth Avenue lunch is the Tea Box Cafe, hidden in the basement of everything-and-its-mother department store, Takashimaya. The smoked salmon sandwich (pictured above) comes in at under $10, which leaves plenty of cash leftover for the trendy Japanese designer goods in the floors above. What are some of your favorite shop-and-dine faves?



Getting a delicious $10 lunch on that side of town is a shopping coup!

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