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Jun 22, 2007

Far-Out Fashion

Posted at 01:27:46 PM in Fashion, Style observations, Vintage
by Keith Wagstaff

It looks like the generational regurgitation that defines fashion today has unearthed a new decade to emulate: the 60s! The New York Times ran a feature on how the Summer of Love is back, minus the drugs, politics and anti-materialism. Groovy!

My favorite highlights from the story:

It is a streetwise amalgam she describes as "an urban hippie thing — sort of Bob Dylan, but, you know, today."

Bob Dylan would be rolling in his grave, if he were dead.

Vibrant with promise, the hippie era promoted the upending of conventions, improvisation, a frugal, laid-back way of life and an appropriation of the influences of a rapidly globalizing society. "The concerns that emanate from that era are still pretty much with us," Mr. Lee said. "We are engulfed and surrounded by them. That extends to fashion, too."

Frugal and laid-back is exactly the kind of lifestyle that a $600 dress caters to.

In contrast, the current revival has little of the impetus that drove the original hippies. It is likely nothing more "than a cyclical fashion thing," Mr. Wolsky suggested, "part of the endless recycling of styles that has been with us since the '70s."

Well said.


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