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Oct 19, 2007

L.A. Fashion Week Day Five: What's Chic and Green and Suddenly All Over?

Posted at 10:25:46 AM in L.A. Fashion Week
by Cadien Clark

It's the end of the line for this West Coast runway correspondent, and  I have to say that this was the greenest fashion week so far. From eco-friendly lines like Ecoganik and Alternative Apparel to Whole Foods reusable sacks in gift bags, Al Gore would've been into it. Still, my feet are tired, I have a cold, my best seven getups are in a heap on the floor, and I just can't stare at a fashion model--no matter how pretty--for at least five or so months.  That'd be spring, when it's time to check out fall 08's fashions while we're all sporting situation-appropriate wear for spring 08.  Ahhh, the circle of fashion life.

The line Bird of Prey gets my vote for best name. (Sorry, Tart.) It just sounds cool, but, also, it's pretty clever. I'm not sure who is supposed to be the prey is in the designers' scenario.  Eagles, falcons and the like are pretty bad-ass, so maybe it's just about that: fierce fashion. And while the designing duo of dudes was attractive, their clothing for men wasn't--hoodie/ tattoo-inspired/ pajamas-with-metallic-accents melange? But maybe I am the mouse scurrying around on the ground needing to be scooped up by the wise owl.


The hot air balloons on Candace Held's trademark silk scarf print dresses (above) gave me a happy jolt after what seemed like days of dull-hued clothing in distress. Short magenta-, kelly green- and gold patterned-frocks with back ties, keyholes and cut-outs also displayed tennis racquets and other whimsical images. The cotton dresses were a tad prairie girl for me, but, overall, her show was really fun.   


Eric Kim's Monarchy collection (above) was our final stop, and it definitely felt like the big leagues, or a royal polo match crossed with a Guy Ritchie movie and a hip-hop sensibility. The mens' accessories included canes, a pink ascot, pork pie hats, suspenders and red spectator shoes paired with both seersucker and urban-themed pieces like hoodies.  The makeup-created scratches and cuts on their faces evoked Prince Harry having a row with his crewmates after a night of room temperature ales and group singing. (If Pharrell Williams came along.) The aesthetic was the same for the birds, minus the signs of scrapping, but with the same street flair, amid highwaisted pants, ruffled shirts, hot pants and even a top hat and cane paired with a gray dress. The only exception was the flesh-colored bikini-wearing model who walked the runway with Kim at the end ... Her body was painted with several phrases, including, "Global warming is so hot right now."

Seems like a fitting end to a week devoted to fashion with an eco-bent. See you come springtime!


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